The very first and the most prominent reason for erectile dysfunction is aging, it is presumed that over 50% of the men suffering from ED are aged above 40. This has created a misconception that ED is a disorder related to age but that’s wrong, age has nothing to do with ED and it is treatable at any age.

Physiological and physical Factors:

The fast life of which we are an undeniable part results in traumatic physical and mental tension which can result in impotence. One third of the total cases of ED are because of these elements.

Performance Concern:

Stress and anxiety beyond par for sexual fulfillment or excellent sexual performance can also cause ED, be relaxed and have a lenient approach towards sex, do not consider it excessive. If sex is only seen as the achievement of penetrative sexual intercourse, and a failure if that doesn’t occur, then it can be pretty particular that anxiety-related ED will keep occurring.

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction:

Diabetes can damage the function of muscle fibers within blood vessels and vascular tissues, including the erectile tissue of the penis, and of the little nerves and arteries throughout the body. ED can be a common issue for guys suffering from diabetes.

Addiction towards Alcoholism or Smoking:

Extreme consumption of alcohol or cigarette smoking can likewise result in impotence. Cigarette smoking increases the possibility of atherosclerosis establishing and cigarette smokers have actually an increased threat of establishing ED.

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