Are you shying away from women simply since you are coping with erectile dysfunction? Is erectile dysfunction or impotence, stressing you out?

Erectile dysfunction is more of a psychological issue than a physical issue for males. Erectile dysfunction is most commonly referred to as ED. In basic terms suggests the repeated inability of guys to keep or get erection throughout the sexual intercourse to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Erection requires a precise series of events, and when any sequence is interrupted it results in dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction generally happens due to damage of nerves, arteries or smooth muscles. Faulty lifestyle pattern such as smoking, obesity, excessive intake of alcohol, avoidance of physical activity can also add to ED.

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Impotence symptoms can be mentioned as:

– Inability to have erection while masturbation or while having sex with your partner
– Inability to preserve an erection for sustained sexual intercourse

Physiological aspects such as vascular disease and diabetes are two of the main reasons for erectile dysfunction. Apart from physiological factors, psychological elements such as stress, anxiety, guilt can also result in erectile dysfunction. In fact psychological factors amplify the physical aspects.

As per the studies ED generally occurs among guys above or in the age of 40-65. Never the less, it needs to not be thought about as an inescapable part of aging.

ED can be treated at any age. With the creation of VigXL pills you can help to treat impotence effectively. VigXL works to increase the blood circulation into the penis and therefore cause an erection.

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